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Derek Keiller Advertising is a full-service advertising agency. With an extensive knowledge of UK-based media acquired over 40 years, we are in a position to negotiate exceptional deals and we aim to help businesses of all sizes to run effective and affordable advertising campaigns.



Our creative side can convey the right emotion and tone in all your communications to best describe your business and set it apart from the crowd. Every £ counts. Budgets are tighter. We simply make your marketing spend go further.

We are the only fully *recognised and accredited advertising agency between Glasgow and Aberdeen, handling the media buying and placement of advertising including press, radio and television throughout the UK. We can make your advertising more effective and your budget go further.

We deal with all press media within the UK, organising advertising campaigns and negotiating best prices for our clients.

Television may be quite costly for the smaller advertiser but we can negotiate and handle any size of campaign, STV also have an excellent website with advertising.




Radio is a very effective way of getting you message over and with the right creative, combined with press and other media, cannot be left out of any schedule.


Many advertisers believe that billboard (48 sheet eg 10ft x 20ft) is an expensive medium. In fact it is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of advertising. Read more.

Outdoor Advertising

"Media such as newspapers or magazines give users a feeling that printed information is more researched and prepared more precisely".


Sovey Friebe, Head of Reader's Digest's European Trusted Brans Project.

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